LOYALTY-SECU Automatic Number Plate Recognition ANPR Camera System Applied in UAE Qatar Saudi Arabia and Other Middle East Countries

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Advantages of LOYALTY-SECU ANPR System

1.Professional All in One ANPR Solution
With the High Stability and High Accuracy Automatic Number Plate Recognition Rate (more than 98%), particularly suitable for Parking Lot, Gas Station, Car Wash, High-way Toll, Exit & Entrance of Community etc.

2.120+ Countries Global License Plate Recognition Ability
With the high compatibility license plate recognition feature, ensures LOYALTY-SECU providing the one-stop service to the clients, reducing their system integration cost, shortening product customization cycle.

3.Powerful ANPR Software Platform for Parking Lot
ANPR software manages the whole parking lots from entrance and exit to charging, like control vehicle barriers, gates, traffic lights, and message signs etc.

4.Continuous R&D Investment
Continuously improve the product performance, adapt to the latest market demand, and maximize the license plate recognition rate and stability.

5.ANPR System Customization
LOYALTY-SECU Provides customers with diversified customized needs, such as the LED Display Screen, Barrier Gate, ANPR Equipment Housing, Video Parking Guidance and so on.

Product link: https://loyalty-secu.com/product/ptz-camera/anpr-system/

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