LOYALTY-SECU Newest Quality Bluetooth Invisible Spy Earpiece Hidden Earphone, Cable-free Make Communication Free and Traceless

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3.5th Generation Mini Invisible Bluetooth Earpiece Earphone

Product Description:
When you need to receive silent messages, the invisible earpiece plays a crucial and invaluable role. Utilizing advanced Bluetooth technology by LOYALTY-SECU, the caller’s phone automatically answers incoming calls and transmits the content to the Bluetooth earpiece in real-time, allowing you to hear the forwarded information. You can also quietly communicate back, establishing a two-way conversation. The setup process is very simple and quick, enabling seamless, almost magical hands-free communication with your partner.

Mini Hidden Earpiece Main Selling Points

* Fast Configuration, High Stability: Connect directly to your phone without a host, completely freeing you from traditional neck-hanging wired methods.

Ultra-Small Size, Good Concealment: The maximum microphone size is 2CM, which can be hidden on the wrist or collar.

High-Sensitivity Microphone: Supports voice intercom, allowing you to whisper.

Advanced Bluetooth Technology: In open environments, the maximum communication distance is up to 20 meters (transmission distance between the phone and earpiece/Mic), with wall penetration up to 5 meters.

* True Wireless Design: Cable-free, making calls and communication free and traceless.

Newly Upgraded Design: High cost-performance ratio, perfect replacement for older versions on the market.

Customizable Host: Option to replace the phone.

Advanced Leakage Protection: Earpiece charger uses technology to prevent battery leakage.

Product link: https://loyalty-secutech.com/products/newest-quality-bluetooth-invisible-spy-earpiece-hidden-earphone-cable-free-make-communication-free-and-traceless/

Present by Shenzhen LOYALTY-SECU Technology Co., LTD

Mini Bluetooth Spy Invisible Earpiece Earphone for Magic Show Private Detectives

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