Reasons Why You Should Use PTZ Cameras for Security Video Project

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6 Benefits of Using LOYALTY-SECU PTZ Cameras

1.Broad Vision: The Dome PTZ camera adopts a spherical shell and can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically. It has a wide viewing angle coverage and can adapt to the monitoring needs in a variety of complex environments, such as large shopping malls, parking lots, etc.

2.Strong Protective Performance: The shell of the Network PTZ Camera is generally made of metal or high-strength plastic, which has excellent protective properties. It is not easily damaged or disturbed when working in harsh weather and environments and has a long service life.

3.Good Monitoring Effect: The Pan Tilt Zoom Camera is equipped with high-quality lenses and image processing chips, which can provide high-definition images and videos. It can achieve accurate monitoring and early warning through night vision functions and intelligent analysis algorithms and can detect and handle abnormal situations in a timely manner to ensure monitoring safety.

4.Wide Range of Applications: Smart PTZ Dome Cameras are widely used in all-weather security monitoring. After years of development, they have become a powerful tool for security monitoring. In fact, the AI PTZ Dome Cameras are not only used in public places such as large shopping malls, gas stations, and banks, but are also widely used in general civilian surveillance systems and are even used in surveillance projects in residential areas. In addition, they are also used in surveillance projects in residential areas. Some applications that require large-area high-definition surveillance also use the power of 24-hour surveillance.

5.Professional and Complete System: The IP Pan Tilt Zoom Camera integrates the PTZ system, communication system and camera system. The PTZ system refers to the part that relies on a stepper motor to rotate to adjust the dome monitoring position; the communication system refers to the motor’s control the part that controls and transmits images and signals; the camera system includes an all-in-one machine core. Between various systems, the main control CPU processor and the power supply part play a horizontal connection role.

6.Full-Featured: The High-Speed Dome PTZ Camera uses a “differential stepper motor” structure to achieve fast and precise positioning and rotation. All of this is executed through instructions issued by the CPU processing chip, and then the camera’s image and control functions are written into the high-speed dome. RAM memory in the core, and can also set many functions of the camera, such as white balance, shutter, aperture, zoom, focus, etc., as actual control items.

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