LOYALTY-SECU Anti Spy Detector Hidden Camera Detector RF Bug Hidden Devices Detector, Counter Surveillance Detector Finder, Smart Pen Detector for Home, Office, Travel,Hotel

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Product Highlights:

Defend Your Privacy – This Anti Spy detector can detect eavesdropping devices, wired and wireless cameras, GPS locators and etc. LOYALTY-SECU Smart Pen Detector emerges as a versatile solution to safeguard your privacy, whether the threat is driven by political motives, personal concerns, work-related issues, or law enforcement scenarios, this device is primed to address them all.

With Radio Waves & Strong Magnetic & Infrared Detection- Detection range 1Mhz – 6.5Ghz. Help you trust the surrounding environment, can effectively prevent your privacy leaks.

Considerate Appearance Design-The smart privacy bug detector’s clever pen design ensures that your monitoring work goes undetected. This unobtrusive appearance allows you to discreetly scan public Spaces or your personal surroundings without drawing unwanted attention to yourself.

Counter Surveillance Technology- In an age when surveillance is more common than we think, the RF/Bug/Hidden Devices Detector can help you defend against these intrusive measures. Whether surveillance devices are hidden in your vehicle or elsewhere, anti-surveillance is your answer to protecting yourself from unwanted surveillance.

Ultra-sensitivity – With upgraded ultra-sensitive chips, this GPS/Camera detector finder has 5 levels of sensitivity, which allow you to accurately find the signal source.

25 Hours Battery Resource – With the built-in & rechargeable lithium-ion battery operation (up to 25 hours of use per charge), it’s effortlessly ready for action.

Lightweight In Hand, Fashion & Portable Simple and elegant design of hidden camera detector just like a pen, the antenna completely concealed inside this GPS tracker detector, only 30g lightweight design, easy to carry and store.

Product Link: https://loyalty-secutech.com/products/anti-spy-detector-hidden-camera-detector-rf-bug-hidden-devices-detector-counter-surveillance-detector-finder-smart-pen-detector-for-home-office-travel/

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