Anti Spy Detector Hidden Camera Detector RF Bug Hidden Devices Detector, Counter Surveillance Detector Finder, Smart Pen Detector for Home, Office, Travel

Model: LY-SDP-B01

Anti Spy Detector Hidden Camera Detector Highlights

  • Defend Your Privacy -This Anti Spy detector can detect eavesdropping devices, wired and wireless cameras, GPS locators and etc. LOYALTY-SECU Smart Pen Detector emerges as a versatile solution to safeguard your privacy, whether the threat is driven by political motives, personal concerns, work-related issues, or law enforcement scenarios, this device is primed to address them all.
  • With Radio Waves & Strong Magnetic & Infrared Detection– Detection range 1Mhz – 6.5Ghz. Help you trust the surrounding environment, can effectively prevent your privacy leaks.
  • Considerate Appearance Design-The smart privacy bug detector’s clever pen design ensures that your monitoring work goes undetected. This unobtrusive appearance allows you to discreetly scan public Spaces or your personal surroundings without drawing unwanted attention to yourself.
  • Counter Surveillance Technology– In an age when surveillance is more common than we think, the RF/Bug/Hidden Devices Detector can help you defend against these intrusive measures. Whether surveillance devices are hidden in your vehicle or elsewhere, anti-surveillance is your answer to protecting yourself from unwanted surveillance.
  • Ultra-sensitivity – With upgraded ultra-sensitive chips, this GPS/Camera detector finder has 5 levels of sensitivity, which allow you to accurately find the signal source.
  • 25 Hours Battery Resource – With the built-in & rechargeable lithium-ion battery operation (up to 25 hours of use per charge), it’s effortlessly ready for action.
  • All Metal & Military Grade,Lightweight in Hand, Fashion & Portable
    Simple and elegant design of hidden camera detector just like a pen, the antenna completely concealed inside this GPS tracker detector, only 30g lightweight design, easy to carry and store.

Product Overview

Are you still worried about being eavesdropped, tracked, secretly filmed, or monitored?

LOYALTY-SECU New Upgrade Anti Spy & Hidden Devices Detection Technology

Dedicate to bringing you a better life and a better world!

At a time when protecting our privacy is critical, LOYALTY-SECU smart pen detector counter-surveillance devices are staunch guardians against a range of threats. Whether you need to protect your privacy for political, personal, professional or law enforcement reasons, this advanced technology provides you with comprehensive protection.

If you suspect that you are being monitored and you don’t trust your environment, whether at home, hotel dressing room, or even office, confidential meeting and so on. With LOYALTY-SECU bug detector & camera finder, your privacy will never be leaked. 

LOYALTY-SECU Anti-surveillance Anti-spy devices are your beacon of protection, ensuring that your privacy remains intact in the face of a range of challenges. Empower yourself with this advanced tool to embrace new levels of privacy in a complex world.

For People Who Might Need

# People who frequently use bank cards

# People who often stay in hotels

# Charming women and men who are easily been photographed

# People who often go to public entertainment places

# People who often go to various shopping malls to try on clothes

# People who respect their own privacy and the privacy of others

# Persons with access to and custody of trade secrets

# Security personnel in locations with trade secrets and technical secrets

# Anti-camera, anti-eavesdropping professionals

Smart Pen Detector Main Features

Ultra -Highly Sensitive & Powerful Chip

This anti spy detector can accurately detect 2G, 3G, 4G mobile signal and radio waves within 15 meters, can also detect the electronics devices between the frequency of 1Mhz-6.5Ghz.

With 25 Hours Battery Resource

The bug detector is equipped with a Lithium rechargeable battery and with low voltage prompt function Though only 300mAh capacity, you can easily keep it working for 25 hours only with an hour of full charging.

3 Detection Modes In 1 Body Design

Smart pen detector with wireless infrared detection, electromagnetic radiation detection, electromagnetic field detection 3 In 1 body design. With automatic detection function, the smart pen detector can be carried with you. When there are eavesdroppers, pinhole cameras, casino gambling fraud, etc. in the surrounding environment, the Hidden Bugs Detector will automatically prompt the danger.

All Metal & Military Grade,Lightweight in Hand, Fashion & Portable

Stylish pen shaped design with ultra-light & metal material and ergonomic curved grip design, not only portable but also comfortable to use. Only 30g hidden device detector, suitable for carrying in pockets and handbags. It is a camera detector for hotel, travel, business trips, offices, car motels, cars, bathrooms, fitting rooms, business negotiations, secret meetings, entertainment venues, and people who live in apartments.

RF Wireless Signal Detection

This function is mainly used to detect hidden cameras, eavesdroppers and trackers that are transmitting signals, such as wireless hidden listening devices, active wireless audio bugs, GSM audio bugs, human wires, wires and wireless microphones, transmission wireless hidden cameras, webcams, IP cameras, etc. The bug anti-spy detector finder will show increased signal strength when it is near the RF source and will eventually alert you with a continuous beep when the RF source is locked.

5 Levels Adjustable Sensitivity

 Increase the sensitivity to enlarge the detection range or reduce the sensitivity to shorten the detection range and find the source of the radio wave faster. Equipped with signal strength indicator light to quickly find the signal source.

User-friendly & Easy Operation 

Only two buttons, can easily switch the modes into Radio Waves Detection, Strong Magnetic Detection and Infrared Detection.

Scope of Application

* Detect whether your car or office is installed with wireless eavesdropping devices.

* Detect whether the mobile phone is eavesdropped or abnormal (it emits signals for no reason when in standby)

* Detect if your car is equipped with a GPS tracking eavesdropper, GPS location tracker

* Detect whether your working environment and residential buildings have radiation from rooftop base stations

* Detect mobile phone text message sending and receiving signals, mobile phone Internet signals, mobile phone switches and call signals

* Detect the electric field strength of wireless network signals, mobile phone base station signals, and wireless monitoring systems

* Detect whether household appliances such as microwave ovens are leaking electromagnetic radiation that is harmful to the human body

* Detect whether there is strong radiation called “mobile phone killer” in your environment

* Detect suspicious radio signals in your environment

* Detect stealthy 5.8 GHZ wireless camera, wireless eavesdropper, wireless monitor signals

* Check wireless pinhole cameras in hotels, restrooms, guesthouses, entertainment venues, and locker rooms

* Prevent secret filming and eavesdropping in business negotiations, school invigilation venues, factories, military facilities or government agencies

* Prevent wireless camera taking in ATM withdrawals, movie theaters, concerts, art galleries or museums

* When buying a house, first detect whether there is any electromagnetic radiation that is harmful to human health.

Bug Detector GPS Detector Datasheet



Product Dimension

Length: 142mm * Diameter: 17mm

Product Net Weight


Product Housing

High quality metal material

Battery Resource

Work continuously for 25 hours

Power Supply


Charge Interface


Product Battery

3.7V/300mA, lithium polymer battery

Antenna Gain



5 levels adjustable

Receiving frequency range


Signal detection range


Laser detection range


Magnetic field detection distance


Product Warranty

1 Year Warranty, lifetime after-sale support

Anti Spy & Anti Hidden Counter Surveillance Detector User Guide

WiFi Mode: Detect Spy Cameras

Full Band Mode: Detect GPS Locator, Eavesdropping Devices.

Infrared Mode: For Hidden camera with invisible light

Strong Magnetic Mode: Detect whether the vehicle is equipped with a locator (the locator usually has a magnet)

A Radio Waves Detection (wireless cameras/wireless devices, etc.)

1. Press and hold the power switch for 3-5 seconds. After hearing the “beep” sound, release your finger and the “WiFi” indicator light will turn on. The default radio wave detection mode will be activated when the device is turned on.

2. Move left and right, if the red-light flashes and there is a sound prompt, it means there is an emission source. The more red signal lights, the stronger the signal.

3. Short press the sensitivity adjustment button. The more red lights, the higher the sensitivity, which can expand the search range.

4. Cyclically adjust the sensitivity button to reduce the number of red lights, lower the sensitivity, and reduce the detection range, so you can finally find the emission source.

5. You can also plug in Type-C headphones to use silent detection.

6.Short press the power button to switch gears. “Full-band” is full-band detection, frequency detection range (1MHz-6. 5GHz), and the detection method repeats steps 1-5.

B Strong Magnetic Detection

1.Short press the function button to turn on the device to detect strong magnetic field. At this time, the strong magnetic field detection of the device will be turned on, and the “strong magnetic field” indicator light will light up. If the target device is detected, the built-in buzzer will give a sound prompt.

2.Move left and right. If there is a sound prompt, it means there is a transmitter. The more red light signal indicators, the stronger the signal.

3.Short press the sensitivity adjustment button. The more red lights there are, the higher the sensitivity, which can expand the search range.

4.Cyclically adjust the sensitivity button to reduce the number of red lights, reduce the sensitivity, reduce the detection range, and finally find the emission source.

C Infrared Detection

Short press the function button to switch the device from RF detection mode to infrared detection mode. When the device is in the infrared detection mode, the red light on the top of the device is turned on, the infrared detection sensor on the front of the panel is in the receiving state, and the user holds the device to detect and scan the environment. When the infrared detector detects infrared rays in the environment that exceed the set intensity value, the device will issue a sound and light alarm prompt. At this time, the device’s strong magnetic detection will also be turned on at the same time. If the target device is detected, the built-in buzzer will Sound prompt.

D Short Press the Sensitivity Adjustment Button to Control the Flashing Speed of the Red Light. 

Each time you press the LED sensitivity button, the flashing frequency will increase by one level. It can be adjusted cyclically, with a total of 5 levels of selection, which can adapt to the preferences of various people.

E Press the Switch Again to Turn Off the Laser Scanning Function

F Regulate Charging

TYPE-C charging, the red light lights up when charging, the green light lights up when fully charged, and there is a low battery prompt.

Anti Spy Detector Hidden Camera Detector Packing List:

1PCS * Smart Detect Pen

1PCS * Type-C Charge Cable

1PCS * User Manual

With Two Type Packing Box for Option

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