LOYALTY-SECU with Multiple ALPR LPR ANPR Camera Solutions for Parking Lot Highway City Road Entrance

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1.License Plates Capture Camera Series:
The LPC Camera only capture the vehicle license plates, unable to recognize the vehicle license plates.

  1. License Plates Recognition Camera Series:
    The LPR Camera can recognize the Vehicle license plates.
  2. License Plates Recognition Camera + Management Software
    The LPR Camera can recognize the Vehicle license plates, this system also equipped with the professional management software for parking lot or road entrance.

With the Multiple ANPR Camera Solutions for option, enable the users can choose the right product based on the actual work scenarios. For more solution recommendations and customization service based on the actual project demand, please talk to LOYALTY-SECU Team directly.

Product link: https://loyalty-secu.com/product/ptz-camera/anpr-system/
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