RGB Full Color Dimming 2500K-9900K Stick Fill Light Handheld Photography Light LED Video Light Stick CRI>95 Stick Fill Light with APP Control for TikTok Video Game Photography Selfie

Full-color RGB Stick Fill Light Highlights:

Model: LY-FLS-155

*  Handheld LED Fill Light Hue can be adjusted from 0 degrees -360 degrees. Color saturation can be adjusted between 0%-100%; Light brightness can be adjusted from 0%-100%.
* RGB fill light stick color temperature dimmable from 2500K (warm color) to 9900K (cool color)
* With built-in OLED display can provide accurate reading for battery life, charge remaining time, lighting effect mode, allowing you to work more effectively.
* Photo Handheld Stick Light CRI≥95. Built-in 7.4V 4000mAh rechargeable battery.
With USB Type-C charging port, can be fully charged within 2.5 hours. More than 1.6 hours of full power battery life, more than 12 hours of low power battery life
* The wand stick light with 1/4 screw port design, can be handheld or connected to tripod, light stand, pan/tilt, etc.
* With 24 different RGB color-changing light effects, 36,000 color changes.
* The Full-color RGB fill light, suitable for video shooting,
photography, live broadcast, creative photography, still life,micro-film, etc.


Versatile RGB Full-Color Handheld LED Video Fill Light – 2500K-9900K Color Temperature, CRI>95, APP Control – Ideal for TikTok, Video Games, Photography, and Selfies.

Handheld RGB LED Fill Light Stick Highlights:

🔆 Illumination:

 – Maximum Illuminance: 9010Lux

   – Power Output: 20W


🎨 Color Control:

   – Hue Adjustment: 0° to 360°

   – Saturation Range: 0% to 100%

   – Brightness Control: 0% to 100%


🌈 Color Temperature:

   – Adjustable Range: 2500K (Warm) to 9900K (Cool)


📊 Display and Information:

   – Built-in OLED Display

   – Displays: Battery Life, Remaining Charge Time, Lighting Modes


🔋 Battery:

   – Type: 7.4V 4000mAh Rechargeable

   – Charging Time: 2.5 Hours (Full Charge)

   – Operating Time: 1.6 Hours (Full Power) / 12+ Hours (Low Power)


📱 Smart Control:

   – App Compatibility: Android, iOS

   – Wireless Control: Yes

   – App Features: Hue, Saturation, Brightness Adjustment


🌐 Wireless Connectivity:

   – Bluetooth Enabled: Yes


🎬 Lighting Effects:

   – Number of Effects: 24

   – Dynamic Special Effects: 21 Options


🔗 Mounting Options:

   – 1/4 Screw Port Design

   – Versatile Use: Handheld, Tripod, Light Stand, Pan/Tilt


⚖️ Product Weight:



📏 Dimensions:

Product Dimension (Fold) : 550*82*42.5mm

Product Dimension (Expand) : 550*166*42.5mm

🔄 Charging Interface:

   – Type-C

   – PD Fast Charging: Yes (18W)


💡 HSI Mode:

   – Customizable Color Hue, Saturation, Intensity


🎥 Applications:

   – Video Shooting, Photography, Live Broadcasting, Creative Projects, Still Life, Micro-Filming


🛠️ Build Quality:

   – Material: The LED video light body and operating handle are designed in one piece. The built-in light control barndoor are all made of metal. The surface of the body is frosted, which greatly improves dirt resistance, durability, and touch feelings.  


📡 Fast Charging Mode:

   – Input: 9V/2A

   – Charging Time: 2.5 Hours


🌟 Enhanced Lighting Chip:

   – Maximum Illumination (0.5m): 2980-3280Lux (Color Temperature: 2500-9900K)


👀 Dimming Panel Design:

   – Separated Light-Emitting Surface and Dimming Control Panel


🛒 Package Includes:


   – Handheld RGB LED Fill Light Stick

A quick and comprehensive overview to make informed decisions about the Handheld RGB LED Fill Light Stick.

Unleash Your Creative Brilliance with the Handheld RGB LED Fill Light Stick!


🌈 Vivid RGB Illumination: Transform your creative visions into reality with this versatile RGB Fill Light Stick. Adjust hue, saturation, and brightness to your liking, offering endless color possibilities.


💡 Exceptional Illumination: Achieve a maximum illuminance of 9010Lux, ensuring your subjects are brilliantly lit. With 24 unique lighting effects and 20W of power, your creativity knows no bounds.


📱 Intuitive App Control: Seamlessly control your lighting via our user-friendly app. Customize colors, adjust hue, saturation, and brightness with ease, all at your fingertips. Pairing is effortless; just download the app, enable Bluetooth, and let the magic happen.


🎨 True Color Reproduction: The HSI mode lets you fine-tune your lighting with precision. From 0-360° color hue adjustment to saturation levels and light intensity, you have full control over your lighting setup.


🔋 Long-lasting Power: With a built-in 4000mAh battery and PD fast charging, you get over 1.6 hours of full-power use and more than 12 hours at low power, ensuring your creativity never runs out of steam.


📸 Ideal for Every Occasion: From video shooting and photography to live broadcasting and creative projects, this Fill Light Stick is your perfect companion. Its 1/4 screw port design allows for flexible use, whether handheld or mounted.


✨ Dynamic Special Effects: Choose from 21 dynamic special effects, including Flash, Candle, and Strobe, to add a touch of magic to your work.


🌟 Custom Scene Modes: Craft your own lighting effects, sync them with sound, and create breathtaking scenes. Our app allows you to fine-tune every aspect of your lighting setup.


📊 Accurate OLED Display: Stay in control with precise battery life, charge time, and lighting mode readings, helping you work more efficiently.


👌 Enhanced Build Quality: Designed for durability and user comfort, this Fill Light Stick combines premium materials with thoughtful design, ensuring a superior touch and resistance to dirt.


✈️ Portable and Ready: Take your creativity on the go with fast charging support and a lightweight design.


🌆 Elevate Your Visuals: Experience the magic of soft, high-brightness lighting. Perfect for video shooting, photography, live broadcasting, creative projects, still life, and micro-film.


Elevate your creative projects and capture stunning visuals with the Handheld RGB LED Fill Light Stick. Order now and illuminate your world like never before!

Handheld RGB LED Light Stick Specification:




Product Type

Handheld 2500K~9900K RGB LED Light Stick

Color Model

0-360° full color gamut adjustment (HSI)

Light Effect Mode

24 Pieces, 21 dynamic special effects+3 custom effects

Color Temperature Range


Dimming Range


Light Illuminance


Beam Angle

120 Degree

Illumination distance


LED Lamp Bead

300 pieces

Maximum Power


Battery Capacity


CRI (color rendering index)


Power Input

Type-C(9V/2A) Max: 18W

Battery Duration

1.65h-12h(Max Power-Min Power)

Dimming Method

Stick fill light dimming + APP dimming

Charge Time


Shell Material

Aluminum alloy +Iron+ ABS+PC

Product Weight


Product Dimension (Fold)


Product Dimension (Expand)


Packing Box Size

580*109*54mm (Single)

Carton Dimension

600*358*245mm (12pcs/Carton)

Carton Weight





1 Year

LY-FLS-155 Illumination Test Report (Lux)































The above data are obtained by LOYALTY-SECU testing. Due to the influence of different equipment, environment, etc., the data will be slightly different. The final interpretation right belongs to LOYALTY-SECU.



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