Premium 24W RGB Full Color Handheld LED Video Light Stick Wand with Metal Barndoor - Portable Dimmable Photography Lighting Wand, Remote Control, 2500K to 9900K, 14200Lux, CRI 95+, 5200mAh Battery, 24 Light Effects

24W RGB Video Light Stick Wand Light Highlights:

Model: LY-FLS-165

  • Handheld LED Fill Light Hue can be adjusted from 0 degrees -360 degrees. Color saturation and Light brightness can be adjusted between 0%-100%.
  • RGB fill light stick color temperature dimmable from 2500K (warm color) to 9900K (cool color), 14200Lux.
  • APP Intelligent Light Control for LED Light Hue, Saturation, lightness
  • Photo Handheld Stick Light CRI≥95. Built-in 7.4V 5200mAh rechargeable battery.
  • With External Light Control Barndoor and Creative Light Grid and Rich Light Control Kits.
  • With built-in OLED display can provide accurate reading for battery life, charge remaining time, lighting effect mode, allowing you to work more effectively.
  • With 24 different RGB color-changing light effects, 36,000 color changes.
  • The LED light wand with 1/4 screw port design, can be handheld or connected to tripod, light stand, pan/tilt, etc.
  • The Full Color RGB LED Light Stick suitable for video shooting,photography, live broadcast, creative photography, still life, micro-film, etc.


Introducing the 24W RGB Video Light Stick Wand Light

1. Vibrant RGB Fill Light: With a maximum illuminance of 14,200Lux, this handheld LED fill light allows you to adjust the hue from 0 to 360 degrees. You can also fine-tune color saturation and light brightness from 0% to 100%. 

2. Adjustable Color Temperature: Tailor the color temperature to your liking, from 2500K (warm) to 9900K (cool). The high CRI (Color Rendering Index) of ≥95 ensures true color representation.

3. APP-Controlled Lighting: Take full control of your LED light with our intuitive app. Adjust hue, saturation, and lightness wirelessly for the perfect lighting setup.

4. Built for Endurance: Equipped with a 7.4V 5200mAh rechargeable battery, ensuring extended usage. The OLED display offers real-time battery life, remaining charge time, and lighting effect mode.

5. Creative Lighting Effects: Choose from 24 different RGB color-changing effects, offering up to 36,000 color variations. 

6. Versatile Mounting: This LED light stick features a 1/4-inch screw port, allowing handheld or tripod, light stand, and pan/tilt compatibility.

7. Wide Application: Ideal for video shooting, photography, live broadcasting, creative photography, still life, and micro-filming.

Advanced Features:

1. Leap-Forward Illumination: Utilizing high-brightness SMD lamp beads and a condenser lens, this light stick reaches a maximum illumination of 14,200Lux at 0.3 meters and 9900K color temperature.

2. Light Control Kits: Included anti-glare and diffuser plates for quick light adjustments. Choose between hard, anti-glare, and soft light effects.

3. External Light Control Barndoor: Precisely control the angle of light with the barn door design, providing unlimited creative possibilities.

4. Creative Light Grid: Experiment with unique lighting effects using the pluggable grille.

5. APP Intelligent Light Control: Wireless control via the app allows for Hue, Saturation, and Lightness adjustments. Compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

6. True Color Representation: Achieving a CRI of ≥95 and TLCI of ≥98 ensures accurate color reproduction, making it suitable for professional broadcasting.

7. Adjustable Color Temperatures: Choose from 2500-9900K with 74 levels of precise adjustment. Create a transparent, beautiful cold light, or a warm, retro atmosphere.

8. HIS Mode for Creative Color Control: Customize your lighting with 36000 colors, adjustable Hue, Saturation, and Intensity.

9. Dynamic Special Effects: Select from 21 dynamic special effects like Flash, Candle, Police Car, and more to enhance your creativity.

10. Customizable Scene Modes: Personalize your lighting with sound pickup, breathing light, and strobe effects.

11. Long Battery Life: With a built-in 7.4V/5200mAh battery, enjoy over 1.6 hours of full power usage and more than 12 hours at low power. Fast charging is supported via the Type-C interface.

12. User-Friendly Design: An OLED display offers precise information about battery life, charge time, and lighting modes, enhancing your workflow.

13. Flexible Mounting Options: With a 1/4-inch screw port, you can easily connect it to a tripod, pan tilt, or light stand for 360° adjustability.

14. Upgraded Light Control Chip: The latest technology provides higher illumination at varying color temperatures.

15. Dimming Panel: The separated light-emitting surface and dimming control panel reduce glare.

16. Durable Build: The aluminum alloy back and matte black texture offer a premium feel, while the fin-type radiator enhances heat dissipation.

17. Enhanced Aesthetics: Enjoy soft, high-brightness lighting for beautiful, professional-looking videos and photos.

Elevate your lighting game with the 24W RGB Full Color Fill Light Stick, your creative companion for stunning visual content.


LED video lighting with barn door Specification:




Product Type

Handheld 2500K~9900K RGB LED Light Stick

Color Mode

0-360° full color gamut adjustment (HSI)

Light Effect Mode

24 Pieces, 21 dynamic special effects+3 custom effects

Color Temperature Range


Dimming Range


Beam Angle

120 Degree

Illumination distance


Maximum Power


Battery Capacity


CRI (color rendering index)


Power Input

Type-C(9V/2A) Max: 20W

Battery Duration

1.65h-12h (Max Power-Min Power)

Dimming Method

Stick fill light dimming + APP dimming

Charge Time


Shell Material

Aluminum alloy + ABS+PC

Product Weight


Product Dimension (Fold)


Product Dimension (Expand)





1 Year

LY-FLS-165 Illumination Test Report (Lux)




















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