LOYALTY-SECU Wireless WiFi Bluetooth Network Print Server with 3 USB Ports, Supporting Three Different Network Segments

Model: LY-MPS-WB06

  • Converts your old USB printers into wireless printers into seconds.
  • Adopts industrial grade ARM A7 1.2GHz Chipset, ensure the printing much faster and more stable.
  • Dual RJ45 network port design, support to work with 2 different network segments.
  • Support to print via smartphone and computer simultaneously.
  • Support to work with 3 pcs USB2.0 printers.
  • Equipped with 2.4GHz WiFi and 4.0 Bluetooth function.
  • Product Size: 89*89*26mm; Product weight: 86.4g
  • Driver-free design, with the user-friendly config tool, can add the printer within seconds.
  • Support to print via wired network /Wi-Fi/Bluetooth simultaneously.
  • Can be connected to three different local area networks at the same time (2 pcs RJ45 port+ WiFi)
  • High compatibility: support CUPS system, IPP printing protocol, compatible with more than 99.5% of printer models on the market.

LOYALTY-SECU WiFi Bluetooth Ethernet USB Printer Adapter: Transform and share multiple USB printers across different network segments

The wifi print server offers 3 USB 2.0 interfaces and 2 RJ45 ports, allowing users to share multiple USB printers through a single print server across different 3 network segments. With this solution, there is no need for dedicated computers or extra print servers. Users under the 3 different network segments can easily share USB printers via the multiple port print server, eliminating the need for individual print servers and printers for each workstation or area. Ideal for SOHO and offices,enterprises with multiple network segments and USB printers.

Wireless and Bluetooth Printing with LOYALTY-SECU USB print server: Print without a network or costly infrastructure

The LOYALTY-SECU WiFi Bluetooth Network Print Server supports USB printer printing via Bluetooth 4.0 when there is no network or wired infrastructure available or feasible. Users can send print jobs from a computer, or Android smartphone to the connected USB printers using Bluetooth technology. Convert your old USB printers into network Bluetooth printers in seconds with the LOYALTY-SECU Bluetooth print server. The 3 USB Ports WiFi 2.4GHz Bluetooth Printer Server allows users to send print jobs to multiple USB printers anytime, anywhere via a computer or smartphone under the wifi, wired network, and Bluetooth simultaneously.

High-performance and Compatibility with LOYALTY-SECU USB print server adapter: Fast and stable printing experiences

The LOYALTY-SECU 3 USB Ports WiFi Bluetooth Network Print Server features the latest ARM A7 1.2GHz industrial-grade chipset, ensuring high stability and faster printing experiences. It supports the CUPS system and offers high compatibility, working with over 99.5% of USB printer brands available in the market. Enjoy the convenience of a wireless USB print server, allowing you to place your printers in the most convenient locations without being limited by the length of a USB cable, whether at home or in the offices.

3 USB Ports WiFi Bluetooth Print Server Selling Points:

* Instant Wireless Conversion: Effortlessly convert your old USB printers into wireless printers, enabling seamless printing without the need for cables. The dual RJ45 network port design allows connectivity with two different network segments, supporting simultaneous connection to three local area networks (2 RJ45 ports + WiFi).

*Enhanced Performance and Stability: Experience faster and more reliable printing with the industrial-grade ARM A7 1.2GHz chipset. The upgraded heat radiating design ensures consistent performance and extends the lifespan of the printer adapter.

* Versatile Printing Options: Enjoy the convenience of printing from both your smartphone and computer simultaneously. This multifunctional adapter supports wired network, WiFi, and Bluetooth printing, allowing you to choose the most convenient method. It accommodates up to three USB 2.0 printers and includes 2.4GHz WiFi and 4.0 Bluetooth functionality. With high compatibility, it works seamlessly with over 99.5% of printer models on the market.

*User-friendly Setup: Simplify the installation process with the driver-free design and user-friendly configuration tool. Connect and configure the printer adapter easily using the Type-C cable for power supply and setup. It is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and Harmony OS.

*Compact and Cost-saving Solution: With its compact size and lightweight design, this print server is portable and easy to integrate into any workspace. It offers a cost-saving and efficient solution for enterprises with multiple USB printers and different network segments, eliminating the need for additional print servers and reducing operational expenses.

3 USB WiFi Bluetooth Network Print Server Main Features

1. Revitalize Old USB Printers: Transform your old USB printers into wireless printers in seconds with the LOYALTY-SECU 3 USB Ports WiFi Bluetooth Print Server.

2. Industrial-Grade Performance: Featuring an ARM A7 1.2GHz CPU, our print server supports the CUPS system and IPP printing protocol, delivering faster, more stable printing experiences and exceptional compatibility compared to other vendors.

3. Dual RJ45 Network Port Design: Seamlessly connect with two different network segments, making it ideal for homes and enterprises with multiple network segments and USB printers (e.g., 192.168.1.X and 192.168.2.X).

4. Integrated Bluetooth and WiFi: Equipped with 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n WiFi and 4.0 Bluetooth, enjoy the convenience of printing via WiFi or Bluetooth simultaneously. (Note: For Bluetooth printing, connect the USB printer to the USB01 port of the print server).

5. Share 3 USB 2.0 Printers across 3 Network Segments: Share up to three USB printers among multiple users across wireless and wired network segments simultaneously (1 WiFi + 2 RJ45 network segments).

6. Driver-Free Design: No need to install drivers on the print server. Simply ensure that you have installed the USB printer driver on your computer, and then add the USB print server to the printer via the print server config tool directly.

7. High Compatibility: Compatible with over 99.5% of printer models on the market, including inkjet, laser, label/barcode, dot matrix, thermal/receipt, and MFP printers.

8. Computer and Smartphone Print Sharing: Works with Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11, MAC OS (MAC OS discovers printers automatically), LINUX systems. Easily share and print files from Android and Harmony OS devices, supporting various formats such as image, PDF, PPT, Excel, and Word.

9. Flexible Connectivity Options: Connect through wired network, WiFi, or Bluetooth, offering flexibility based on your working environment.

10. Excellent Heat Dissipation Design: Upgraded heat dissipation design ensures stable performance and a long lifespan.

11. Type-C Cable for Easy Configuration: Use the Type-C cable for power supply and simple configuration between the print server and computer.



1.For LOYALTY-SECU Print Server Products, we recommend to the users who know little bit network setting.

2.LOYALTY-SECU Provide the technical remote-control service via TeamViewer or AnyDesk for Print Server Parameter Configuration

3.Before using the print function, please download the Print Server Config Tool and User Manual from our business site: User Manual & Config Tool

Workable Printer Types:

Inkjet Printers,Label Printer, Barcode Printer, Impact Printer (Dot Matrix Printing),Thermal Label or Receipt Printer, Laser Printer, Multifunction Printer (MFP), and so on.

Application Scenarios:

Small and medium-sized companies, schools, stock markets, education, express companies, and e-commerce companies are among those that employ professional network administrators.

Product Package Items:

1PCS* 5V/1A Power Adapter

1PCS* User Manual

1PCS* USB Print Server

LOYALTY-SECU Network Print Servers Unsupported USB Printer Models


Canon LBP Series: 2900/3000/3300/6000/6200/7010 etc.


EPSON Stylus Photo R Series: 

Epson Stylus Photo R200/220/260/280/300/300M/320/340/380/800/R1800/1900/R2000/R2400/R2880/R3000, etc.

Epson Stylus Series:300/400/800/800+/1000/1500, etc.

Epson Stylus Color Series: 880/880i/900/900G/900N/980/980N, etc.

Epson Stylus Pro Series: 3880/4000/4800/4880/4900/5000/5500, etc.


All Ricoh Printer Models (Excludes MP2014AD)



How to Make Your USB Printer Work with LOYALTY-SECU WiFi Bluetooth Print Server Quickly?

Windows Computers Printing via LAN:

Step 1: Please download “Print Server Config Tool” from our business site into your Windows computer.

Step 2: Please connect Print Server with Your Windows computer via USB cable.

Step 3: Please assign a fixed IP address for the USB Print Server via “Print Server Config Tool” on Windows computer firstly.

Step 4: Add the IP address and USB port information of print server into your target USB printer in your computer. Then you can explore the excellent printing experience via the Print Server.

Need to print via Android Smartphone: Download and install the Third-Party & Prepaid APP “PrinterShare” or “PrintHand” into your Android Smartphone and follow manual user to setup, then you can send print jobs to your USB printer wirelessly in LAN.

Windows Computers Printing via Bluetooth:(No pin code required)

Step 1: Connect the Bluetooth print server to the USB Printer via USB Cable

Step 2: Power on the print server & USB Printer

(The Bluetooth print server will be named after the connected USB Printer and paired with your computer automatically)

Step 3: Obtain the Bluetooth Networking COM Number of the Print Server

Step 4: Choose the corresponding COM Number for the target USB Printer in Printer Properties of your computer

Step 5: Explore the printing via Bluetooth from Computer to the USB Printer.

Android Smartphone Printing via Bluetooth:

Download and install the Pre-paid Third-Party APP “PrinterShare” or “PrintHand” into your Android Smartphone firstly and start the Bluetooth connection, then you can send print jobs via Bluetooth from your Android smartphone to your USB printer.

Note: Please follow our user manual & demo video to finish the above configuration.

Warm Reminder: Printing via Bluetooth Not support IOS System (iPhone, tablet), Mac OS System!!

Comparison with Other Print Server Vendors

WiFi Bluetooth Print Server with 3 Types Power Plug for Option

Product Specification:

Product Item3 USB Port Network WiFi Bluetooth Print Server,supports 3 different network segments
Support Printer TypeInkjet Printers, Label Printer, Barcode Printer, Impact Printer (Dot Matrix Printing) ,Thermal Label or Receipt Printer, Laser Printer, Multifunction Printer(MFP),and so on
CPUARM A7 32-bit
Memory128MB DDR2
Printer ConnectionUSB 2.0/USB 1.1
Operating SystemLINUX3.4
USB Print InterfaceUSB2.0 Host
USB Config InterfaceUSB2.0 Device
Product Size(L*W*H)89*89*26mm
Product Weight86.4g
USB Interfaces3PCS * USB2.0 Interfaces, support to work with 3 pcs printers simultaneously
Print Server Config ToolYes
Network Interfaces2PCS *10/100Mbps RJ45 (With two different network segments,
such as 192.168.1.X and 192.168.2.X)
WiFi Function2.4GHz, 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth Function4.0 Bluetooth
CUPS SystemSupport
(Over TCP/IP), AppSocket
Working SystemWindows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
,MAC OS,LINUX and Android & Harmony OS operating system
TF SlotTo be developed
4G FunctionTo be developed
Power Supply5V/1A
Gift Box Size13*13*5CM
Gift Box Weight200g(With product and accessories inside it)
Packing List1PCS * Print Server,1PCS * Power Adapter,1PCS * User
Product ColorBlack (Accept customization for product color)
Operating EnvironmentTemp: -10°C~50°C, Humidity: 20%~85%

Resources and Downloads

Resources and Downloads

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