Automatic Multifunctional Food Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machine

Model: LY-FVS-01B

  • One-touch & Auto-vacuum Pumping Food Vacuum Sealer
  • Super Strong Suction for Rapid Oxygen Extraction
  • 30cm Super Long Sealing Design
  • Support Multi-Bags Vacuuming &Sealing Simultaneously
  • Come with Hose hole for Outside Vacuum Pumping
  • Particularly suitable for Dry, Moist, soft, oil, powder food vacuum preservation


People have been struggling all the time about how to store goods longer and fresher with hassle-free. The Multi-functional Food Vacuum Seale Machine specially designed by LOYALTY-SECU is committed to providing a healthier and greener food preservation solution for every household. You don’t need to spend time on purchasing food every day by using our vacuum sealer machine which can classify the food and store them in a vacuum and prolong the fresh-keeping period of the food, save your time for multiple shopping, save the cost of living, and save the storage space of your freezer. In the process of using the vacuum sealer, no manual intervention is required, which can be easily operated by every family member.

Common Problems with Daily Food Preservation

*  It is easy to mix flavors together and germinate bacteria when we put food directly into our refrigerator.

*  It is easy to get moist, mildew, and deterioration if food is exposed in the air directly.

*  Fruits and vegetables are perishable and it is hard to keep them fresh longer even in the refrigerator.

*  It is not easy to classify preservation for dry, moist, soft, oil and powder food.

Product Highlights

1.One-touch & Auto-vacuum Pumping

With just one touch, from vacuum pumping to sealing, no manual intervention is required in the whole process. Adopting the decompression and hypoxia sealing technology, extend the shelf life of food with long-lasting freshness, especially suitable for household/commercial food preservation.

2.Super Strong Suction for Rapid Oxygen Extraction

The powerful air pump technology can quickly extract air, flatten the can, seal large food, and keep it fresh longer.

3.30cm Super Long Sealing Design

Reinforce the sealing process to maintain high sealing performance, ensure there will be no air leakage.

4.Support Multi-Bags Vacuuming &Sealing Simultaneously

Support multi-bags vacuuming & Sealing at the same time efficiency, saving your time and labor.

5.Come with Hose hole for Outside Vacuum Pumping

It is suitable for various vacuum containers and can be connected to an external exhaust pipe, various vacuum preservation tanks, red wine bottles, and valve Ziplock bags for vacuum storage.

6.Particularly suitable for Dry, Moist, soft, oil, powder food vacuum preservation

LOYALTY-SECU vacuum sealing system offers you a quick, easy and inexpensive way to preserve your food with the best possible preservation based on the type of food you want to seal.

Why Vacuum Preservation?

1.Vacuum Storage: Reduce meat oxidation and ensure meat fresh & mealtime easy   

2.Fresh-keeping and Deoxygenation: Lock water to retain nutritional taste, delay food oxidation and maintain fresh and tender color 

3.Anticorrosion: Vacuum anticorrosion bids farewell to moldy food and ensures the freshness of your delicacies

4.Moisture-proof: Prevent water vapor intrusion and slow down mold reproduction.

Note: Food spoilage is mainly caused by the activities of microorganisms, and most microorganisms need oxygen to survive. The secret of vacuum preservation lies in the isolation of oxygen.

Comparison of Various Types of Food Preservation

Note: The actual effect and the degree of freshness of the food are different from the storage temperature.

Different Mode To Keep Your Food Fresh Longer

1. Sealing+ Vacuum Mode: No oxygen storage, farewell to spoilage

2. Single Sealing Mode: The single-sealing mode will seal the unfinished snacks and avoid wasting food. It takes about 6-15 seconds to do single-sealing.

3. Outside Pumping Mode: Suitable for vacuum containers, like, sealed bag containers, bottled containers, canned containers, can be connected to the exhaust pipe


LOYALTY-SECU multifunctional vacuum sealer can solve the problem of food storage and lock your fresh food. The vacuum sealing machine has two work modes: standard/soft. Dry& moist air Extraction modes for option: For moist food, the packaging time will be extended. To prevent air leakage, the two modes can be switched freely. The food vacuum sealer is equipped with the indicator light when the temperature is too high, the red and blue lights flash alternately.

How To Use?

Step1: Turn up the top cover and put the bag into the vacuum slot smoothly.   

Step2: Close and lock lid, press the “vacuum sealing” button, “single-sealing” button, or “outside pumping” button

Step3: Just wait for seconds, the sealing is completed. And take the package out.

What Kind of Bags Can Be Used?

1. Vacuumable & Sealable Bags (Various textured vacuum bags, no grain with corner pockets on both sides bags)   

2. Anti-vacuumable & Sealable Bags (Plain flat bag without texture)


1. When cleaning the machine, pull out the plug to avoid electric shock

2. When the machine is not in use, pull out the plug, the top cover does not need to be fastened

3. Some fresh fruits and vegetables will generate gas after being vacuumized, and the specific storage method is subject to the actual situation.

4. In the case of high intensity and frequent use, it is recommended to open the cover and let the heating wire cool for 15 seconds between two adjacent working cycles. The machine can be used continuously, with no limit on the number and duration of daily use.

Product Structure

Food Vacuum Sealer Specification:

Product NameFood Vacuum Sealer
Preservation ModeSeal, Seal+ Vacuum, Outside Pumping
Multi-bags SealingSupport
Maximum Sealing Width300mm
Vacuum Sealing Time10-20s
Single Sealing Time6~15s
Air Pump60Kpa
Degree of Vacuum-50KPa/-60KPa
Heating CoilNicochrome
High Speed Motor3000r/min
Product ColorBlack/Orange/Pink/Green
Product Dimension380*150*68mm
Product Weight0.95KG
Packing Box Size42*13*17CM
Packing Weight1.2KG
Power SupplyAC220V/50Hz
Rated Power110W

Remarks: Vacuum sealing time around 10~20 seconds (if the bag is too large, the vacuuming time will be extended accordingly)

Resources and Downloads

Resources and Downloads

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