LOYALTY-SECU Mini External Bluetooth Adapter for USB Printer New Arrival

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Model: LY-EBA-P01

* External Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter for USB printers.

* Quick Plug & Play, User-friendly.

* Can be separated from the computer and used directly from the 5V power supply.

* Add Bluetooth function without affecting the USB function of the original printer

* When Bluetooth is connected, printing data is transmitted via Bluetooth.

When Bluetooth is disconnected, the printing same as normal type (USB Printer port to Computer USB port)

*Does not affect the use of the printer directly connected to the computer

* The External Bluetooth Adapter works as a series connection device between the printer and computer.

* Strong compatibility (99%) with most majorities of printers on the market

More details, please visit: https://loyalty-secutech.com/

Presents by Shenzhen LOYALTY-SECU Technology Co., LTD

LOYALTY-SECU Mini Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter for USB Printers
Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for USB Printer to Add Bluetooth Function

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