How to Bury Ground Sensing Coils in ANPR Parking lot Systems?

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Installation Procedure for Vehicle Induction Loop System:

1.Before construction of the coil loop, the position, size and number of turns shall be confirmed according to the overall wiring arrangement of the project. The number of turns does determine the inductance of the entire coil between 100-200 (UHF), and 150-180 (UHF) is recommended to ensure the perfect working range of the vehicle detector.

2.The protective layer of the ground sense wire cannot be destroyed. Usually, the resistance to the ground measured with a digital meter is greater than or equal to 10MΩ, and the DC resistance is 4-6Ω.

3.There must not be a large amount of metal in the surrounding 50 cm, such as well covers, rain gutter covers, etc.

4.There must not have the power supply lines of 220V within 1 meter.

5. When making multiple coils, the distance between the coils should be greater than 2 meters, and the number of turns should not be equal, otherwise they will interfere with each other.

6. Make 45-degree chamfers on the four corners and smooth them to prevent sharp corners from damaging the coil cable.

7. The cable length should be calculated in advance and sufficient margin should be reserved (including the coil lead-out wire). Between connectors, cables must not be broken. Route the cables as far as possible at the bottom of the slot, and arrange the cables in an orderly manner, without crossover or overlap.

8. The lead wire from the coil to the “ground sensor” should be twisted at more than 20 cycles / meter, and the distance between the lead and the ground sensor should be as short as possible (if the lead at this end is too long, it will cause Ground sensitivity is reduced), it is recommended that this section be within 1 meter and the maximum should not exceed 5 meters.

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How to Do Vehicle Detector Loop Installation in ANPR License Plate Number Recognition Syste

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